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Questions about Refurbished / Second Hand Computers

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Why would I want a refurbished or second hand computer?

People who buy a refurbished or second hand computer generally fall into two categories.

  1. Those who need a computer for fairly standard tasks such as Internet browsing, Word Processing, Spreadsheet work etc. Tasks like this have changed very little in terms of the demands they make on a computer's resources over the last few years, and therefore a second hand computer that is a few years old is quite capable of running even modern versions of these programs.. and cost a fraction of the price of a new machine.
  2. People who require a machine to do some specific workhorse task as part or an office or home network, for example an email, database or web server. Tasks like this are ones which an older computer is quite capable of doing.

The general theme for those who buy second user computers is that they need a computer to do tasks for which a new computer is expensive overkill.

Follow this link for more information on why to buy a refurbished computer.

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What is the difference between refurbished and second hand computers?

We would describe a second hand computer as being one which was bought as is from its previous owner, almost certainly in a private sale.

A refurbished computer bought from us has been thoroughly tested. All our refurbished computers are also cleaned inside and out before being sold, a common problem with second hand computers is that they have been sitting in dirty, smokey offices for years, and it shows...

Buying a second hand computer is always a shot in the dark. On the plus side you often get a lot of software left on the machine 'for evaluation purposes', which the buyer in theory (and by law) is meant to delete. This obviously is not something that you get with a refurbished machine. On the downside you have very little chance of getting your money back if there are any problems.

If you buy a refurbished computer from us you get a 90 day warranty, free technical support from our highly trained staff and a cleanly installed operating system - avoiding all the difficulties of dealing with the bugs and errors which have crept into someones computer setup over years of use.

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Do second hand computers have a guarantee?

They do if you buy them from us!

If you buy a second hand computer in a private sale then you are pretty much on your own once you have parted with your cash. Buying a refurbished computer from us however means you have the full protection of the Consumer Act, and in addition we give all our refurbished products (with the exception of laptop batteries) a 90 day warranty.

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